Your outside general counsel

Most small and medium-sized businesses do not have an attorney on staff to answer those small–but occasionally large–legal questions that arise as part of doing business.  We strive to understand our clients’ businesses so that we not only can answer their questions when asked but also can counsel our clients on legal issues that may affect them.  That’s why we develop long-term relationships with our clients and provide legal services in a cost-effective manner.

You can focus on growing your business while we provide the legal advice you need when you need it.

Contracts / Negotiations

Businesses enter into contracts all the time.  Not all of the contracts are formal, written agreements.  That’s why, as a business owner, you need to know how you may enter into binding agreements by your day-to-day actions or by clicking on the Internet.  We also help our clients negotiate written agreements that make business sense to them and provide legal protection.

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Employment Agreements

As your business grows, you will need employees, who, in turn, will learn about how your business operates.  You should have employment agreements with your key employees who are exposed to your trade secrets and other valuable intellectual property.  In some instances, you might want to restrict what a key employee may do after leaving your employ.  We can help you with these agreements.

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Business Disputes

The best solution to a business dispute is to anticipate when one might arise and prevent it from occurring.  Of course, we realize disputes still occur.  We have helped many of our clients effectively resolve disputes so they could return to running their business and not be tied up in litigation.

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Corporate Policies

As your business grows, you need to have written corporate policies for issues such as document retention, privacy, use of the company’s emails, and employees’ use of their own devices for company matters, as well as policies required by state and federal laws.  We write these policies for our clients and can help you develop your own understandable and enforceable policies.

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