Increasing the Value of Your Intellectual Property

After working long and hard to develop your products, services, and intellectual property, you want not only to protect them, but also to enhance their value.  You need a strategy and a plan.  We know how to help your business grow by protecting your intellectual property and increasing its value.  We’ve done it for others; we can do it for you.

Your business's greatest asset may be its intellectual property, and we can help you protect it and enhance its value.


Your business has a great idea for a product name or a tagline.  Before you start spending time and money promoting the new mark, you need to know whether it infringes on an existing trademark, either registered or otherwise in use.  You also should register your trademarks to prevent others from using them.

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Trade Secrets

What is it that makes your business tick?  It might be a trade secret.  Have you taken reasonable steps to protect the trade secret?  What should you do if someone is about to misappropriate your trade secret?

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Once you have expressed an idea in a tangible form, you have a copyright.  However, enforcing the copyright is a legal matter and there are steps you should take in advance to protect your images, photos, and other written expressions.

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If you want to license your intellectual property to others, you need to negotiate a binding licensing agreement that protects your intellectual property while maximizing your financial gain.

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Right of Publicity

You don’t have to be a famous star or personality to have a right of publicity.  Your image and likeness are yours.  No one can use your image and likeness for commercial purposes without your prior written permission.

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What privacy rights do you have in today’s culture?  You are constantly being monitored and your image captured as you walk down the street or go into a store.  What you do on the Internet is being tracked.  Yet you still have some privacy rights.

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Nondisclosure Agreements

Before telling everyone about your idea and losing it forever, you should have a plan–and a non-disclosure agreement–so that you can discuss your idea with others and have some assurance that it will be kept a secret.

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