We Speak Internet and Cyberspace

Our attorneys have written and lectured extensively on Internet and cyberspace law.  We have represented clients in precedent-setting cases involving Twitter defamation and the right of publicity and are leaders in the Cyberspace Law Committee of the American Bar Association.  We know what is required to protect your rights on the Internet and in cyberspace, whether you are a business or an individual.  If you have a question about Internet or cyberspace law, our attorneys have the answer.

We stay on the forefront of cyberspace law so our clients don't get left behind.

Cybersquatting and Domain Names

You need to protect your business’s name and trademarks on the internet.  If someone is misusing your name or trademarks as a domain name, the other person may be engaging in cyberpirating or cybersquatting.  We have retrieved domain names for our  clients using the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy of ICANN.  We may be able to help you.

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Right of Publicity

You don’t have to be a famous star or personality to have a right of publicity.  Your image and likeness are yours.  No one can use your image and likeness for commercial purposes without your prior written permission.

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What privacy rights do you have in today’s culture?  You are constantly being monitored and your image captured as you walk down the street or go into a store.  What you do on the Internet is being tracked.  Yet you still have some privacy rights.

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Website Agreements

If your business is selling products or services on the Internet, you need a website agreement to cover the sale, your return policies, where a dispute may be resolved, and other issues.  You also need to tell users how you will use the information they provide and how the information will be protected.

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