Start Your Business on the Right Legal Footing

You have enough to worry about when you start a new business.  Legal issues should not consume your valuable time and resources.  We have helped many individuals turn their ideas into profitable businesses while protecting their intellectual property.  We’re ready to talk to you.

You want to turn your great idea into a money-making business–we can help you.

Entity Formation

  • Are you starting a new business?
  • Should you incorporate?
  • How do you protect your ideas and assets?

To decide which entity form is best for your business, you must consider different factors.

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Owner Agreements

The best time for owners of a new business to decide issues–such as how they will make decisions, resolve disagreements, value the business, and allocate and distribute profits–is when the business is formed.  Waiting until later often creates unnecessary headaches.

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Website Agreements

If your business sells products or services on the Internet, you need a website agreement to cover the sale, your return policies, where a dispute may be resolved, and other issues.  You also need to tell users how you will use the information they provide and how you their information will be protected.

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Nondisclosure Agreements

Before telling everyone about your idea and losing it forever, you should have a plan–and a non-disclosure agreement–so that you can discuss your idea with others and have some assurance that it will be kept a secret.

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