Our videos present general information about the areas in which we practice law.  The videos are not intended to offer specific legal advice to you, nor do you establish an attorney-client relationship by watching our videos.  If you have specific legal questions, please contact us.


What provisions should be in a good business contract?  This video explores some of the key items which should be included in your contracts.


Your business can increase the value of its intellectual property by licensing it to others.  How can you license your intellectual property and what should you include in a license?  This video explores the issue of licensing.

New Business

Are you ready to start a new business?  What entity should you use?  This video outlines several considerations for starting your new business.

Website Agreements

What types of agreements should you have on your website, and what should be included in them?  This video discusses some important aspects of website agreements.


A trademark protects your brand identity.  This video explores what a trademark is and how protecting it can enhance your business.


The expression of your ideas may be copyrighted.  Learn what can be covered by a copyright and how you can protect your business’s copyrighted materials in this video.

Key Employee

What would your business do if one of your key employees left and went to work for a competitor?  This video discusses what you can do now before the employee walks out the door.


Is your potential domain name or a similar domain name taken by a cybersquatter?  This video describes what cybersquatting is and how you can recover a domain name.


What is a Bring Your Own Device culture and how can it affect your business?  What policies should your business have regarding BYOD?  This video gives you an inside look at BYOD.


Do you think you have any privacy?  This video may make you rethink your expectations of privacy and discusses some privacy rights you still have.