Small Business, Intellectual Property, Trademarks, and Cyberspace Law

As a business owner, you need an attorney who listens to you and provides cost-effective advice on how you can protect your intellectual property and grow your established business or start-up. At Chicago-based  Balough Law Offices, we work to enhance the value of our clients’ products and services through trademarks, licensing, copyrights, and trade secrets protection.  We assist our clients in their Internet and brick-and-mortar presence with appropriate website agreements, privacy policies, non-disclosure agreements, and other contracts.


Balough Law Offices helps start-ups and closely-held companies obtain their trademarks,  protect their trade secrets, grow their businesses, and successfully license their intellectual property.

Business Counseling

In running your business, you enter into written and unwritten contracts.  Do you know what the contracts mean?  Do they contain provisions that protect or hurt your business?   Do you have effective agreements with your employees?  Are your corporate policies up-to-date?  We act as outside general counsel for many businesses.  Learn how we can help your business deal with legal issues in a cost-effective manner.

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Starting a Business

You have enough to worry about when you start a new business. Legal issues should not consume your valuable time and resources. We can help you to decide on the proper entity to do business and how you and your co-owners make vital decisions about the business, including what happens if one of you decides to leave.

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Intellectual Property

The most valuable assets of your business may be its intellectual property.  Have you taken steps to adequately protect these assets?  We advise businesses on the best way to protect their intellectual property through licensing, copyrights, trademarks,  non-disclosure agreements, and trade secrets.  Learn how we can help you.

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You need to be aware of  your legal rights and obligations on the Internet. It is important not only to take steps to protect your intellectual property, including trademarks and copyrighted materials on your website, but also to be in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations about unfair business practices, online privacy, children’s privacy, and other issues affecting internet commerce.

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Balough Driverless Car Article Published

What advice attorneys need to give their clients on driverless cars is explored in an article by Richard C. Balough published by the American Bar Association’s Business Law Today.

The age of autonomous vehicles is coming soon. You may soon be seeing vehicles on the road with no drivers as part of today’s road testing of autonomous vehicles. This technology will require business attorneys to reinterpret existing laws, to re-examine privacy and data protection laws and rethink liability and insurance coverages.

For example, if a car is operating in a self-driving mode and there is an accident, who is liable? The non-driver? The software coder? The car maker? These topics are explored in the article, “Are Your Clients Ready for the Impact of Driverless Cars?”

Mr. Balough previously co-authored “Cyberterrorism on Wheels Are Today’s Cars Vulnerable toAttack?” which appeared in the November 2013 edition of Business Law Today. He also moderated a panel discussion at the ABA’s Business Law Section 2015 annual meeting on “Autonomous Vehicles: Steering Your Client around the Legal Potholes.”